Garden House Restaurant



Photo Gallery

Customer Photos Customer Photos Birthday Pot Pie Glad Angie enjoyed her homemade turkey pot pie from the Garden House Restaurant Happy Birthday! 192508607 Homemade Sticky Bun "Where can you get a home made sticky bun like this around town?! Only here!!! I love this place!!" 192508773 Wedding Reception "Thanks for an awesome meal at our wedding reception! Lots of great compliments from our guests. :)" 192508799 Egg Salad Sandwich & Chower 193551818 Clubhouse Platter 193551819 Bacon Cheeseburger 193551820 Homemade Rolls They look and smell great straight from the oven 197249357 Corn Chowder 197249358 Clubhouse Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese 197249359